Drawing Bluebells / by Emma Farrarons

I've been asked where I get my inspiration for the patterns I illustrate in my colouring books. I'll share with you how I came to draw the bluebell spread from Mindfulness Moments. The spread came into creation after a family trip to Kew gardens in the month of May - which is bluebell season.

With a buggy loaded with picnic snacks and art materials, off we went. What a fine day it was with Viggo napping in his pram, and myself sitting on the ground carefully inspecting the direction of blades of grass and how the bluebells weighed down their stalks as blue bells would.

In my bag, I usually pack a travel watercolour set, my Fujilfilm X100S camera, two sketchbooks and a selection of colouring pencils. The thermal pad that comes with my Kånken bag comes in handy to kneel on in case the grass is wet. 
I like to begin with mindful observations and ink sketches. Mistakes and imperfections are welcome, this is a good time to experiment with shapes and colours and not think.

Back at my desk I redraw and redraw from my watercolour observations and begin to simplify the lines more and more to create the final design.